Invention by experience

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1a bit of a swot empollon a complete mess desastre absent-minded distraido cram for an exam empollar focused centrado go over your work revisar my mind wanders divagar not be the world's best student not get things the first time round pick things up quickly scrape through an exam por los pelos take things seriously tidy up your desk || brightness carelessness conscientiousness laziness single-mindedness centradoenalgo thoroughness minuiciosidad ability creativity sensitivity care gift method|| a bright spark a nervous wreck conventional wisdom get into trouble class troublemaker play truant skip classes receive widespread attention sail through exams work flat out take notes | some advice algún consejo a piece of advice 1pequeño consejo to advise advisable approach metodo

2brilliant cool great have a lot going for it mas de lo que parece pointless ridiculous terrific tremendo think outside the box way out there weird extraño wicked malvado worthwhile valelapena | take(Something)away(fromsomeone) retirar take back(your words) retira palabras take(someone)in engañar take on(a new employee)contratar take over(your life) dominar tu vida take up(a hobby)aficionarme || He's very fit en forma This word doesn't fit no pega We don't fit in the car no cabemos That suit doesn't fit me no queda bien the car is fitted with four airbags equipado i don't fit in with my classmates no encajo I can fit you in at 3 o'clock meterte || What's the aim/thepurpose/thepoint of this invention? It's designed to + verb What's this invention for? It's used to || I WAS advised allowed brought up criado forced obligado meant la intencion de told

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