Invention by experience

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Dear Sir, 
I am writing to apply for a job
with (lugar) as a (profes) . I 
think that is a great opportunity
to me as i have a lot of 
experience in the job and i 
would like to take part in (cosa)
I am qualified nurse and i have 
been working in a several 
hospitals since 2014. I have a 
good level of English and i 
speak French fluently. I am 
cheerful and friendly, and i am
easy going. I have a lot of 
friends worldwide as i have been
working in some countries, for 
example, last year i worked in
Canada during 6 months. I 
learnt a lot of things there, for
example, a new language, and
i learnt how to organized my 
time in the best way. To sum
up, i like to say that i am the 
perfect candidate for this job.
I enclose my CV as requested.
I look forward to hearing from 
Yours faithfully, TV

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