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Dear Mrs. Susan
I am writing this letter because I am interested in your football coach announcement that I have seen advertised on television.
I am very interested in work because football is my favorite sport, I would be a good coach because I have been playing football since I was little and I have a lot of knowledge about football. I studied in the Fray Luis de Leon and then in the poet Maragall, I have the ESO and this year the batchillerato. I have worked for two years in the Catalan football federation as an arbitrator and it is my job now, I only work the weekend so I could do both jobs at the same time, I have also been a monitor of a summer campus, the campus was for sport. These are two jobs that I am in contact with children, so I already have the experience of being with children.
You could pass me information about the job please, when I have it I will send my resume.
Please contact me for any information you can give me and thank you for your attention.
Alejandro Gómez (sign) 

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