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Last year i went with my family to Dubai, we had many incredible experiences there, but i will never forget visiting the world"s biggest mall in the world.

Tha Dubai Mall have 1,200 stores and services. It also has six floors of commercial space and 10 parking , even has a luxurious health center, an ice hockey rink and an aquarium / aquatic zoo. Walking around the mall is an amazing experience. I enjoyed looking at the many shops.How big is we did not have enough time to see everything.
All in all visiting the shopping center was amazing. Its easy to understand why people talk endlessly about their visits to this unique place.

               To: would like, agree, decide, choose, plan, refuse, hope, want, manage, easy, promise, pretend, offer, seem, appear, expect, wish, allow, learn. Despise de adjetivos y para explicar el porque de una action.

               ing: finish, enjoy, like, avoid, miss, recommend, suggest, imagine, regret, finish, keep, mind. Sujeto deep de prep y formas verbales.

               to + ing:  like, love, hate, prefer, begin, start, continue. 
                             stop+to: para una acción para hacer otra
                              stop+ing: dejar de hacer habito
                            remember+ ing: recordar haber hecho algo en el pasado
                             remember + to: acordarse de hacer algo
                            forget + to: olvidarse de hacer algo
                             forget + ing: imposibilidad de olvidar algo que he echo en el pasado.

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