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  • Robert is a citizen of the United States and works there as a market researcher. Soon he will be conducting a marketing research in Japan for one of his clients situated in the United States who wants to expand its operations in Japan. Robert will most likely experience which of the following differences between domestic and foreign marketing research? The accuracy levels of the foreign market research.
  • Which of the following is most likely to be the first step of a marketing research process? Define the research problem and establish research objectives.
  • Mike is conducting a marketing research. He has defined the research problem and has established research objectives so his next task is to: determine the sources of information to fulfill the research objectives.
  • If you conduct a marketing research with the help of some information which is already collected for some other project then such a marketing research is known as: secondary research
  • Most likely, much of secondary research provided by foreign governments is suspect with respect to reliability because: official statistics are sometimes too optimistic, reflecting national pride rather than practical reality.
  • Samantha is carrying out a marketing research. Even after seeking all reasonable secondary data sources, research questions are still not adequately answered. In such a situation Samantha must collect: primary data
  • In this research method usually a large number of respondents are asked to reply either verbally or in writing to structured questions using a specific response format or to select a response from a set of choices. Identify the research method in discussion? Quantitative
  • Which of the following research techniques is most likely to be used for conducting a quantitative research? Survey
  • A lot of international consumers are unwilling or unable to respond to research surveys mainly due to the: cultural differences
  • A _____ sample is used when detailed and accurate information for a sampling universe is not available: convenience sample
  • In an international arena, the greatest problem in sampling stems from: the lack of adequate demographic data and available lists from which to draw meaningful samples.
  • In this translation method, the questionnaire is translated from one language to another, and then a second party translates it back into the original, and the two original language versions are compared. Identify the method in discussion? Back translation
  • _____ and _____ are the two methods of demand forecasting that are particularly suitable for international marketers? Expert opinion; analogy
  • In the case of Japanese corporate culture, this constitutes a typical significant impediment to averting and responding to a crisis. Identify the issue in the discussion? It is hard for those lower in the hierarchy to question their superiors.
  • In Japanese corporate culture, _____ refers to the public, face-saving truth? tatemae

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