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I agree with the decision, 
as this has led to many 
violations of personal 
freedoms, but PG may 
support the refugees in
 their transfer to come
 from an asylum country 
to another country that 
has agreed to admit them 
and grant them permanent 

The Colombian state had
 better create policies so 
that the Venezuelans who 
reach the country and 
comply with the norms 
to accredit their 
experience and 
qualifications may
 follow a job search 
process like a Colombian 
would. This would be a 
great opportunity to 
become a true open society.

military forces must control 
the arrival of vehicles into 
the city. The airport and 
shopping malls could be 
evicted to be inspected. 
Although not mentioned 
in the threat received 
accurately, everyone 
ought to be alert.

It is important to support
 countries fighting terrorism 
to restore security and 
stability in the world, and 
for that reason might not 
rule out military action 
against Syria if it continues
 to support ISIS.

life must be considered sacred. 
Their leaders should ask
themselves if the death 
penalty is a good way to 
reduce the delinquency 
and for that reason should
 try to try other measures 
that if they do

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