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Other characteristics of the job: the risks in the cases describing are minimum, because the mineral appears in the surface. But he also mentions that there are different situation for workers, in the area he is describing the exploitation was very easy but in other regions more experience were required, because the mineral wasn’t on the surface. That lead to a lack of security in the job, because if they decided to complain to ask for the rights, to improve the living conditions, to reduce the number of hours of work… if they organized a strike, the workers of this area would be made redundant easily, because they were not skilled workers, and they could be replaced easily.

In conclusion, workers live in barrack and came for poor areas in concrete in the Basque country a majority of them came from the areas of Galicia or from Castilla. And the relations with the locals are going to be a bit complicate because they didn’t integrate and sometimes they were seen as strange people in that society. Moreover, the nationalism developed in this moment is going to be a bit racist because of that. But we can’t deny that those workers were essential, because the people of the Basque country were not enough to satisfy the amount of people that the industry and the mines needed.

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