Invention by experience

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PASSIVE.        Present am/is/are + partió.Is pained

Past was /were 

pres. Perfect have/has been

Past perfect had been 

Modals  + be

RELATIVE PRONOUNS     Which- Things, Where- places, Who- people, Whose- possessive, That todos 

alliance. A joining together

assault. To attack violently or suddenly

broad-mindedness.  tolerant or liberal; 

cannon      a big gun

clamp down.  suppress, eliminate

conceal.       to hide

debt.        Money owed. 

dodge      void (someone or something) by moving quickly    

emergence.    the process of coming into view 

ferocious.   violent and able to cause serious damage

frantic.        done in a very urgent way

grind.      Break something into very small pieces or powder

gunfire.      a shooting of guns

hold back.   stop someone or something from moving forwards

hurl.     to throw something with a lot of force

infuriated.   extremely angry

lash.         main part of a whip

lead to.   to cause something to happen

lump           a solid piece that does not have a regular shape

make up for.     compensate for

motionless    not moving

ordeal        a difficult or painful experience, a trial

peasantry.    The class of rural, agricultural laborers

profit.     The financial gain made in a transaction

relentless.   determined and not stopping

reparations.    payment for damages

sling.        a set of belts and ropes used for supporting something heavy

steady.       constant, stable

strike      to refuse to work in order 

struggle.   to use your strength to fight against someone 

trade.      Exchange of goods and services

whip up.    To try to make people feel a strong emotion.

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