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I am writing to apply for the position of part-time shop assistant that was advertised in the Daily News on 6th April.   I am a 16-years-old student. I have just passed thr First Certificate in English exam with grade B. My ambition is to work in the retail business. Therefore, employment in your well-known shop particulary appeals to me.
Despite my lack of formal work experience, i feel i would be well suited to the position. For the last year i have been a volunteer at the local second-hand clothes shop. My job involves assisting customers and working on the till. My boss has described me as a hard-working and reliable individual.
Since school finishes at 2pm, i have plenty of time to do my homework and would be able to work any time after that.
I am available on Saturdays for an interview and can start working immediately. I look forward to you reply. Yours sincerely.  

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