Invention by experience

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Artificial intelligence technology. It is the intelligence of machines or softwares. It refers to the study of how to create computers and softwares that are capable of having an intelligent behaviors. AI is the key technology of the most of todays novel applications from banking systems that detect credit card fraud or softwares that notice you about a problem and offer you an appropiate advice.

Tacit knowledge is what people carry out on their minds and we find it difficult to access. Explicit knowledge is what is documented and can be transfered easily to others. The processes, procedures or manuals are explicit knowledge.
Experience of a person is tacit knowledge and when the person documents the expertise then it becomes explicit knowledge.

Knowledge management systems
Enterprise-wide knowledge management systems: capture,store, distribute knowledge.
Knowledge worksystems: for engineers,scientists or other workers changed with discovering and creating new knowledge. 
Intelligence techniques:such as data mining used to discover knowledge and optimal solutions.

Neural networks find patterns and relationship in masive amounts of data too complicated for humans to analyze. Humans "train" network by feeding it data inputs for which outputs are known, to help neural network learn solution by example. Used in medicine, science and business. 

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