Invention by experience

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SOCIALIZATION- is one of the four processes that a knowledge-creating company uses to create knowledge, it allows tacit knowledge to be passed from one person to another. WISDOM- the ability to act critically or practilly in a given situation. KINESTHETIC LEARNER-this tyoe of learner spek with their hands and with gestures. TWITTER- Is a more opened method of communication or social media, you can shre onformation with people that you wouldn´t normally exchange e-mail or IM message with. DATA- we acquire it from the external world thougt our senses and try to make sense of this signals thorougt our experience. TEAM LEARNING- is one of the two types of learning. ANALYZING DATA- here we take the data that has been gatheredand inspect, transform or model it in order to again new insights that will support our business decision making. REPORTING- is tool used to provide access andto use knoeledge gathered in an organization. GATHERING DATA- is concerned with colletingor accessing data which can then be used to inform decision making. ARTICULATION- is the primary process for successful innovation and the conversionof tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge. DISCUSSION- diferrent views are presented and defended to have a decision making. KNOWLEDGE WORKER- uses his head to create ideas, information and knowledge that could add value to the firm. KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY- it is driven by knoeledge intangibles rather than physical capital, natural resources or low-skilled labor. MANUAL WORKER- uses hands to producce goods and services. COMBINATION- allows the combination od explicit knowledge held by individuals. PETER DRUEKER- the workplace is changing and there is an increasing distrinction beetwedthe manual worker and the knowledge worker. THE FIFTH DISCIPLINE- U.S contribution to the learning organization. THE LEARNING COMPANY- Japan contribution to the learning organization. STORING DATA- is comcened with making sure the data is filed and stored in appropriate ways to ensure it can be found and used for analysis and reporting. THE LEARNING COMPANY- U.K contribution to the learning organization.

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