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May 5th 1789- Estates General 
June 20th 1789- Tennis Court Oath
July 14th 1789- Bastille 
August 26th 1789- Dec. Rights man x. Citizen
September 30th 1791- First written constitution 
April 20th 1792- War dec. Austria x. Prussia 
August 10th 1792- Arrestation king 
September 20th 1792- First republic 
1793-1794- comiteepubsaf-Terror 1799- Napoleon 

William Pitt x government-(89-92)-Neutrality-thought France self destruction-French wrote Edict of Fraternity-Pitt grew colder-21 jan 1793 Louis XVI- 1 feb 93-Mutual declaration of war-fear spread republicanism-English-ban political clubs-1793-aliens act-no french republican come England-may 1794- habeas corpus- arrest without charge/trial French revo=deep impact Britain

Edmond Burke-Against-1790-reflections of the revolution in france-Warn English reformers thought French revolution-Glorious revolution-opposed rapid uncontrolled change-predicted bloodshed-died 179- thought too violentno men experience- gained-support 

Thomas paine-Pro french revolution-response to Edmond Burke- Rights of Man-all men equal-easy for low class people understand-elected national Convention in France-imprisonned in 1793 under Robespierre-released

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