Invention by experience

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teleological ans: views natural order as the result of a predetermined plan

mechanist ans: states that nature is like a machine. All the changes that occur in nature are the result of necessary action of mechanisms on other mechanisms

The General theoretical framework used as a reference by scientst to carry out research is known as a scientific paradigm

Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy responsible for answering questions about reality.Plato was the first philosopher to approach metaphysics

Logic: This studies the structure of arguments to determine which ones are valid and which ones arent 

Antropology: studies human begins. The word comes from the Greek term antrhopos which mean human being

Ethics: aims to find a rational foundation for our  moral behaviour. It wants to find the rational principles that inspire moral norms

Aesthetics: seek to define the existence of art. It want to define beauty and the experience human beings have when exposed to art

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