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KPI: parameters or indicators that help us to asses progress towards achieving the objectives they vary between companies and industries, depending on their priorities or performance criteria. To define its associated goal: SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, timely) Determines if an action is working correctly, optimize web and social media, tactical approaches, improve ROI, reduce uncertainty- KPI related to conversion, email mk, display, effectiveness, social media, information and architecture, satisfaction,visits, profile,amount of traffic

What does convergence mean? 

Changes in the way we consume and receive media, experience time search, find, read, gather, share, develop and consume information’ on the Internet. Additionally, the manner in which web development advancements have facilitated the instantaneous propagation of information across online platforms intrinsically connects convergence theory to Web 2.0 
What does participatory culture mean? 

The role of interactive and dynamic web platforms in generating the user- to-user participatory interactions deemed typical of a convergent web (users develop cognizance of an array of new communicative capabilities - that is, advancements in the web development industry have acquired the masses that participatory culture)
What does collective intelligence mean?  

the idea that web convergence has alleviated existing power structures, instead asserting that hegemonic order is in the ‘emergent non-linear socio-technical systems’ 

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