Invention by experience

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Unit 1

1. made no bones about, skin and bones, goes hand in hand, save their skin, in your hands, a bone of contention, close at hand, jumped out of my skin
2. restore, adapt to, enhance, determined, reverse, altering, evolved, reform, transform
3. marginalization, rejection, loyalty, disaffection, isolation, rapport, attachment, associations
4. AF, CF, E, BG, D
Unit 2
1. a) There were no vidible marks b) Na koncu visible
a) Nobody involved b) long involved
a) deep sigh b) in deep trouble
a) her present b) those present
a) na koncu proper b) a proper job
2. nothing remarkable, experience imaginable, person responsible, fascinating programme, overwhelming feeling
3. go with the flow, take the initiative, step up to the mark, turn a blind eye, go against the grain
4. acquital, jeopardy, defendant, indictment, plea
5. place anually, hopefully improved, reporters impatiently, was incredibly, blood everywhere, do even
Unit 3
1. splashed out on, struggling to make ends meet, strapped for cash, living beyond their means, poverty-stricken, frittering away, squandered on, living on the breadline
2. conduct, gain, launch, make, outstrip, set up, boost, manipulate
3. gradual, moderate, volatile, sharp, stable, significant
4. plummet, dipped, soar, fluctuating, tumbles, rocket, escalate
5. b, a, b, a, a, c

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