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1.What event separates History from Prehistory? When did it occur? Why do you think it is important?
The invention of writing in 3250 bc. Its another way to communicate.

2.Draw a time line with the dates of the three main periods of the prehist...

--paleolithic (4.4 ma bc-10000bc) --neolithic (10000bc-4500bc)--metal ages (4500bc-1000bc)--

3.Draw a time line with the dates, the main events and inventions of Paleoli...

--4.4 ma bc (first hominid)---1.5 ma bc (fire)---10000bc (emergence agriculture and livestock farming)--

4.Draw a time line with the dates the main events and inventions of neoli..

---emergence of agriculture and livestock farming (10000 bc)---hamlets (8000)---cities(6000)---discovery of metalworking (4500 bc)---

5.Draw a time line withe the dates the main events and inventionsof Metal..
----copper (4500 bc)---writing (3450 bc)---wheel(3300 bc)--- bronze (2200 bc)---iron (1000 bc)---

6.These dates correspond to different periods of Prehistory.
Relate each of them to a period of prehistory and a tool manufactured.
a) 2500 bc- Metal ages (metal working)
b) 6500 bc- neolithic (Polishing and grinding)
c) 150000 Paleolithic (Bifaces)

7.Explain briefly the theory of evolution of Charles Darwing.
Is the theory that tells us that we come from primats.

8. Explain the three biological changes that distinguish the hominids from the other large simions:
biped mode of walking/-opposable thumbs./-increased brain and skull size.

9.What means hominization?
The process of becaming human.

10. Which could be the cause of the hominization process?
It is because of a climate change, the trees dissapeared so they had to go to the floor, and there were tall grasses so they had to stand upright.

11.Which were the oldest hominid which lived in Africa.
-Australopithecus. / -Ardipitecus.

12.On which continent did the hominizazion process begin?

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