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Inconsistences Rutherford model: The electron could not be travelling in just any Orbit, since the electron is a charged particle it had to be emitting energy as It rotated, implying that as it lost energy, it would move closer to the Nucleus until the electron crashed into the nucleus. Hydrogen spectrum: is not continuous, each line corresponds to a Fixed amount of energy, the energy is quantised. Empirical formula: specifies the simplest proportion in which both Types of atoms in a compound are present. Molecular Formula: specifies the number of atoms of each element that make up a Molecule. Chemical bond: occurs when There is an attractive force between two atoms and that creates a stable and Independent chemical. Ionic bond: Form because of the electrostatic attraction between the electric charges of Ions of opposite charge. Ionic Charateristics: -They are solids at room temperatura and have medium to High melting and boiling points. –They are hard: it is not easy to break an ionic compound, it would require breaking a lot of ionic bonds. –Most dissolve Well in water: water molecules may surround the ions weaking their bonds and Separating them. –They do not conduct electricity well in solid state but the Do in solution or in liquid state. 

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