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1) “I study in London”. Ann said that she studied in London
2) “She buys the newspaper everyday” Ann said that she bought the newspaper everyday.
3) “I don’t have a pen” Ann said that she didn’t have a pen.
4) “David doesn’t have any children” Ann said that David didn’t have any children.
5) “I don’t go to the gym very often” Ann said that she didn’t go to the gym very often.
6) ”Would you like me to phone Mary?” Ann said to you if you would like me to phone Mary.
7) ”Give me your keys” Ann told me to give her my keys.
8)”How about listening to some music?” Ann suggested that I listened to some music.
9) ”Don’t break my heart” Ann told me not to break her heart.
10)”I usually lose my keys” Ann said that she usually lost her keys.
11)”Why don’t we have some bread for lunch?” Ann suggested me to had some bread for lunch.
12)”Do you want me to give you a lift?” Ann offered to give me a lift.


1. Rather: Bastante
2. Hard-wearing: Resistente
3. Hole: Agujero
4. To manage: Dirigir
5. To rip: Romper/Rasgar un papel. 
6. Probar (ropa): Try on
7.  Dependiente: Shop assistant
8. Campaña: Campaign 
9. Mejoras: Improvements 
10. Disponibilidad: Availability


1.What three things related to 007 are very British? Three things related to 007 are the Aston Martin car, the British dish Yorkshire pudding and the cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling event.

2.What do audiences love about James Bond films? The films are loved for their incredible action sequences and special effects.

3.Who was Hannah Glasse? She was the woman who renamed the Yorkshire pudding in her cookery book.

4. .Who competes in the cheese rolling festival and how many people watch it? People from many different countries compete in the Cheese Rolling event and it is watched by thousands of spectators.

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