Iron and steel industry -China

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21carbon, carbon. Circustancial TXT type of economic report of the importance of coal / written in 1829 during the development of modern industry because of the steel / author gonzalez Azaola / purpose to report the importance of coal for industry / receiver the national cominudad / analysis: the text we see the very important need of carbon.Estan need felicidad.El assimilates the carbon is so important to them because according to the text is the basis of all industry and necessary for progress . / comment: the steel industry was the sector that encourages the development of industry moderna.La cast iron in blast furnaces and the manufacture of steel require energetica.Vizcaya possessed important source of iron mines and became a large operator and mineral But the shortage of low carbony mins of calorific value of coal, limited the development of the Spanish steel industry and were the main causes of failure of the first facilities. The first attempts to create a modern sederurgia wereandalucia.Es in 1826, Manuel Agustín attempt to develop the modern steel industry by exploiting the production of iron ojen.La susu companies led to the hegemony andaluza.Sin however this attempt failed because of the difficulty to acquire coal from coque.Esto involves high production costs they did not bear the responsibility of the areas that could supply more mineral facilmente.En 1876 the arrival of Welsh coke cheaper to bilbao led to the consolidation of the steel industry in vizcaya

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