Iron and steel industry -China

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u8. 3The secondary sector.3.1Raw materials and energy sources: Mineral raw materials are in short supply in europe and they have to be imported. Iron have declined in importance, other have been exhausted, There is a lack of minerals for new technologies. Energy sources:are also in short spply and they have to be imported. 3.2The industrial sectors: Traditional sectors: texture,iron and steel and ship building are in decline, causes are: the technology gap, a fall in demand and competition from cheaper aboye richer ones. Dynamic sectors: food, chemical,vehicle,electricity, with high tech sectors. 3.3 Industrial regions: Europes main industrial regions are located in the diagonal axis that links north italy and south U.K. Also a Mediterranean arc, north italy to the east of the iberian peninsula and eastern axis. 2 areas: Ports: where industries linked to marine act. Cities: where the workforce and consumer market are concentrated. Today more lines of communication.  4Tertiary sector. 4.1Trade: is the worlds leading power. In the EU which constitutes a customs union, the exchange are between its members as there is free movement. Outside of the EU main eschanges are with USA and Asia. 4.2Transport: European transport is one of the most modern and efficient. Consists of motorways, high-speed rail network, sea ports, waterways and airports. 4.3Tourism: Europe is the major point of origin due to the high standard of living, and also because of its good transport, its natural environments and its cultural wealth. Forms of tourism:beach holidays,rural and visits to nature. The EU tourism policy try to developed new forms of tourism and improve tourism info and safety.

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