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Why did The IR start in Britian in the 18 century?

The industrialization took place between the years 1750 and 1800, Put first the meaning of industrialization is the development of industries in A country or a region, also it adopt mechanized forms of productions. This important revolution lead to drastically changed during this years such as in trade or Living conditions. The importance of the industry became crucial as the Economic activity of raw materials turned into goods, which this is the main Theme of industrial revolution. But how and why did this happen?, during this Essay I Will be able to answer to this question and on the other hand i will Argued that the industrial revolution started in the 18th century in Britian Due to many different factors.

First of all Britain had many individuals who had loads of money To invest, they were prepered to risk their money in new ventures. There was a A highly interest in science and technology, which this meant that many new Inventions were made in the textile and iron industries, these inventions Enabled manufacturers to improve industry, also britain had plenty of raw Materials that were more tan necessary for the industrial revolution, Britain Possessed large quantities of iron, which was needed for making the machines And railways, also it has coal to drive the steam engines in the factories. All In all, this inventions and discoveries would improve industry.

Secondly Other thing that made industrial revolution started in Britian in the 18 Century was because between 1660 and 1750, it became really easy to transport and Move goods around Britain,due to the Improvement of roads and canals , furthermore the building of canals allowed The raw materials such i mencioned before the coal and many others materials Were able to move faster , Britain machines needed all those materials in order To produce the products and create new railways for trading. All this Improvements helped raw materials to move around the country easer. Transport Also allowed finished products to get to market which at the same time, helped Markets expand to more places in the country and its colonies.

Also merchants had many opportunities to trade overseas due to the Fact that Britain had many colonies. The new trade Routes brought more money to the united country, this produced a kind of chain, Which was, more money, more products to produce, more products to sell to the Increased population, more trade, and again, more money.

Thirdly the populationn of Britain began to increase drastically this meant There was more demand for goods, and on the other hand plenty of workers for The factories, so this was an important thing for the industrial revolution in Britain. This lead to the improved in agriculture, this was very important Because it meant that there was enough food for the growing population, in Particularly for the people in towns, who could not grow their own food. But Not only this because Britain was also at peace, the relatively stable Political situation and absence of war allowed the British to pursue economic Activities.

To Conclude, it can be said that the IR started in Britain for so many reasons Such as an increase of the population, the huge growth of the trade, a plenty Quantity of raw materials and an improved agriculture. The changes this meant For the Brithis economies were enormous and this revolution won´t have been Possible without this changes.

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