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Activities based On the extraction of and processing of raw materials in other products are Grouped traditionally in the secondary sector: mining, energy production, industry and construction.

Animal raw Materials: these materials such as wool or leather are used in textile industry To make clothes. Besides, fish can be used to elaborate canned food, oil and Flours (food industry)

Vegetable raw Materials: agricultural products such as cotton used to make synthetic fabric.

Mineral raw Materials: they usually need to be trated in order to be used in different Industries.

Bauxite-metallic Minerals- we obtain aluminiun

Platinium -metallic Minerals- jewellery

Slate_ Non-metallic_ used in construction

marble_ Non-metallic_ used in construction

coal- Energy minerals- use to produce energy

uranium-energy Minerals- nuclear energy

Energy Sources are natural resources from which it’s possible to obtain any kind of Energy necessary to keep the industries and transport working, also house hold Use. Energy sources can be renewable (non-limites and non-polluting) and Non-renewable (limites and polluting).

Industry Can be defined as the sector of an economy made up of manufacturing enterprises Which transform raw materials in to producer and consumer goods.

Are two Types of industry:

-To producer good industries produce semi-finished products used as raw materials for other Industries . Examples: steel and cement industries (heavy industry)

-The Consumer goods industries produce products that are aimed directly at Consumers, such as foot wear industries.

*industry In rich developed industries* : High tech industries. They use the most Advanced technologies such as microelectronics or biological engineering. They Require highly trained and specialized

There are Two types of concentration industries:

-horizontal Merger: union of several companies in the same sector.Example: the joint Venture operating the petrol.

-vertical Merger: union of companies that product different goods for the one specific finished Product (they are involved in the different stages of the manufacture)

Elements to Make up the industrial process: raw materials,energy sources , workforce , capital, Technology and business organization.

Tradional factors That affect industrial

Proximity to Raw materials and energy source; proximity to market centers and consumption ; proximity To sports and transport routes.

 Proximity to raw materials: since transportation Was still slow and heavy, industries were located near raw material sources to Reduce transports costs.

Currect factors That affect industrial location

Abundant cheap Labour.  A good highly-skilled workers Good communications, presence of global market.

Highly-skilled Workers cutting-edge technology requires very skilled labour . A good example Is the location of multiple modern IT companies in Silicon Valley.

Main Companies are:

Canada and USA: wal-mart stores , Inc.  the largest Industry in the world. Autoservice exxon mobile : oil’s industry gas natural

AT&T: Telecommunication industry, it’s the important industry in USA and one of the Most important industries in the world

Vlc : construction → AEA technology pic, stolt of shore. Energy water→ acured, biogenerator, niger International water Ltd.

China and Japan: Communication→ kedansha. Ltd.     tyres→bridgestono .  construction→ daiwa house industry

Korea: tecnology→LG    transport→korean air   telecommunication→ITC corporation

Alemania→ Transport: volls wagen   clothes:Adidas

The most Important areas  are north America ; the Most important areas of north America are USA and Canada. USA and Canada are One of the most important industrial, regions of the world , labor is cheap and Highly qualified

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