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Question tags:-Positive/negative: He’s a doctor, isn’t he?--You work in a bank, don’t you?--You haven’t met him, have you?--She isn’t coming, is she?With auxiliary verbs (‘have’, ‘be’): They’ve gone away for a few days, haven’t they? --They weren’t here, were they?--He had met him before, hadn’t he?--This isn’t working, is it?Without auxiliary verbs: I said that, didn’t I?--You don’t recognise me, do you? --She eats meat, doesn’t she?With modal verbs: They couldn’t hear me, could they?--You won’t tell anyone, will you?With ‘I am’:Be careful if start ‘I am’. The question tag for ‘I am’ is ‘aren’t I?’--I’m the fastest, aren’t I?

PAST PERFECT:Sujet+had+ed--She had finished her homeworksPAST P.CONTINIUS:Sujeto+had+been+ing--She had been doing his homeworks

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