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The employment contract is an agreement between employer and employee, medium which the worker agrees to provide services in exchange for a contribution. Voluntariness, alienation, dependency, remuneration. Subjects of contract are the worker and employer. Workers over 18 have the capacity to work between 16 and 18 with parental consent and those under 16 do not, except public spectacle. Have basic rights, labor rights and contractual risk prevention. They work duties and in relation to prevention of riesgos.Los entrepreneurs are natural or legal persons, public or private, who receive a service delivery workers. Sole trader: A person with legal capacity in physics Nomros own representatives or through a commercial, industrial or professional activities. Legal persons or companies: they are individuals or associations acquire legal personality through d eun commercial contract also creates an endowment fund when the company set up in order to obtain greater benefit of everyone. Types of companies: Company limited anonymous collective labor empreass cooperative bienbes and temporary work.Rights of employer: power steering, disciplinary power, right to require the worker cuimplimiento their obligations and duty to enforce safety regulations and occupational health. Duties: occupation efdectiva Duty, duty, protective safety and occupational health information and duty to others as equal treatment. Works excluded from the labor legislation: (If some basic features like ajeinidad not met would cease to be in labor legislation.) government officials, mandatory personal benefits, counselors or members of * config, work done for friendship, family workers or persons involved in commercial operations, transport services or on their own.
Industrial relations special character (here if it s the 4 basic characteristics ecumplen) Personald and senior management, service family home, prisoners in institutions, sportsmen, artists, salesmen, handicapped, children placed dock workers and lawyers for medical residents employed.
Understanding the work contato: Form, duration and trial period. Form: written or verbal aprtees can choose how. be in writing: contracts of practice, education, work, integration, fixed-time batch, respite, home, foreign persons, duration. Duration: permanent, fixed period work eventually, interned or insertion, practical training for handicapped and over.) Trial period: a lasting purpose and effects.

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