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1.-The crisis of democracy.
1. Is that political regimes are enemies of democracy?
2. Why is characterized fascism?
Being the opposite of democracy
3. In what is nationalism. It consists of the idea that the nation is all that I deserve. A nationalist citizen is obliged to defend his nation above all. 4. Where is implanted first fascism? In italia
2 .- System of the USSR Communist
1. Explain the difference between socialists and communists in Europe in the first half of the century.
Socialists defend freedom and did not accept the communist system of the USSR The communists continued throughout the USSR and preferred communism to freedom.
2. After the revolution as it was called "Russia?
USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)
3. Who succeeds Trotsky and that way was the estate?
Stalin killed him.
4. Explain in 5 or 6 lines (indicative) that is socialist planning.
The land was collective and farmers only received a portion of production to survive. The rest was delivered to the state for industry and infrastructure. Everyone was working and all the work was provided by the state.
5. What would be a good definition of Stalinism? Dictatorship where there is absence of freedom and fear. 6. What were the purges? Political resolutions.
3 .- The Italian Fascism
F OUNDER the Fascist Party. Benito Mussolini.
2. How it was named the head of the Fascist Party? Duce
3. Who were the Blackshirts? The militants of the Fascist Party 4. "Against those who were the fascists?
Anti-Socialist and labor union matches
5. Like the fascists came to power? By force, with the march on Rome and the complicity of King Victor Manuel.
6. Characteristics of the dictatorship of Mussolini. A) Absolute Power, b) Removal of unions and strikes, c) ideological manipulation of the population
4 .- The economic crisis of 1929
What were the causes of the crisis of 1929?
That eventually could not be consumed
2. What was the folly of investors in stock then?
They invested till the money was not an asking credits
3. What was the folly of injecting it? Ate more than I could and borrowed an
4. What was the stock market crash of 1929?
That consisted of numerous publicly traded companies showed signs of devil and the bullish stock market began to change.
5. What was the Great Depression n? It consisted in that the stock market crash dragged the banks, the banking crisis caused the industrial crisis, the crisis spread to Europe and the rest of the world.
6. What American president began to put the great Depression solució na n? Franklin Delano Roosevelt
7. What is name of the policy that began to solve the great Depression n? New Deal.. 8 The Mayor's interbencion economics is a policy dasada the economist John Maynard Keynes.
1. Who or blamed for the evils that the Germans were suffering?
The democratic system.
2. What is the title of Hitler's book?
Mein Kampf (My Struggle, 1925)
3. At the time of Hitler the German parliament had a problem, which h abía many parties in parliament and none had a majority to form government.
4. "Gave Hitler to power democratically? Yes, and was the largest party in 1932 but not a majority.
5. ¿Q ue offices or ministries occupied by the Nazis in the first government in which they were? Chancellor and two ministers, interior and propaganda.
6 Symbols Nazis: The red flag and the cross damada and business name.

5.1 .- Hitler in power.
1. What event triggers the action leading to the NACIS to power?
The fire Reigstag
2. 2. What or who they were ...?
a) SA (Brownshirts): Army pribado the Nazi party.
b) SS: Hitler's personal guards.
c) Gestapo: Secret Police
d) Goebels: Minister of propaganda and information
e) Third Reich: Hitler's Empire proclaimed
3. When Hitler won absolute majority?
On 5 March 1933
4. What the Nazis meant for the "living space"? The need for new territories conqistar Germany.5. What happened the night of the c uchillos long? The night in which Hitler eliminated all his opponents within his own party. 6. What was the motto of Goebbels? When the lie was repeated 100 times ended up being true. 7. What happened the night of broken glass?
The persecution of Jews in 1938.
8. What does it mean for Jews called final solution? The extermination of the Jewish race. 9. Who were locked up in places like Auschwitz? The Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, socialists, communists and political prisoners. 10.What did it at the time and in Germany belong to the Aryan race?
Literature: Theater ol españ previous to 1932
1. Valle Inclán "Luces de Bohemia"
After he had proposed to his wife and daughter collective suicide due to economic hardships crossing, we saw the trail of Max Estrella Noctambulo-A ruined old blind poet, yearning
of bohemian Paris, the streets of Madrid, accompanied by Don Latino, man in appearance, which ultimately betray him. On their way through the night in Madrid, go pass before the unfortunate figures and tables from a decadent Spain miserable and unjust, to which Max protest authorities without achieving anything but a miserable offer of financial aid that does not come to see. Nor
achievement is the winning lottery ticket that robs Don Latino, since the end of the long night of pilgrimage and swapping dies at the gates of his house.
For we know that other characters have also appeared dead, soon after, two women who could be the wife and daughter of Max Estrella.
2. Lorca
"Blood Wedding"
In the context of a rivalry between families (of the Bride and Leonardo) comes a tragedy that can not be avoided, and it has been announced from the first act: the parents of the bride and groom arrange a marriage of both highlighting the economic benefits and family treatment. Meanwhile, the bride's mind torn fight against the feelings that the push to Leonardo, his former love, and married to a woman. He believes that the wedding will be his only salvation but also his conviction to loneliness
and repression. But the power of love and passion is irresistible to lovers, who decide to escape together immediately after the wedding. The groom goes in pursuit and in the blackness of the forest, in a conjunction of the Moon and Death, poke knives and flows from new fatality for the two families: the death of Leonardo and the Bridegroom, and loneliness for women.
"The House of Bernarda Alba"
After the death of her second husband, Antonio Maria Benavides, Bernarda Alba decides to retreat and save the severest mourning, she and her five daughters. The mourning is broken by the arrival of Pepe el Romano, who seeks the eldest daughter, Sorrows. While this is a real habit, Lorca portrays him insinuating that besides being "a drama of women in the villages of Spain" has the intention of documentary photography. The play begins with the entrance of the maids talking about the despotism of Bernarda and the immediate arrival of the latter, confirming its rigorous treatment to them and their daughters, and imposing silence. When the eldest daughter inherits a fortune that attracts a suitor (Pepe el Romano), jealousies and passions are unleashed in the house, leading to a tragic end with the death of the youngest, Adela, who will not submit to the will his mother. Bernarda's done telling his daughters that his daughter did not die a virgin, but Bernarda requests that the people known to have died as a virgin, and for silence, as their entry to the top.

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