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item 2 medieval literature: lyric poetry: songs that people sing to accompany domestic work and other activities (traditional lyric). The main topic is the anonymous and amor.composiciones this transimeten oralmente.con convivio a lyric lyric cultured and refined. composed by troubadours, Cortes-love theme in the south are the jarchas (first manifestations lyrics) .- in the northwest, the lyrical Galician-Portuguese (XII century) .- cantagias of friends in the Northeast, the lyrical cantalana influenced by the provenzales. poetry of the troubadours, in the middle of the peninsula, metrical form used is Vicanco traditional chorus is repeated q and stanzas. lirica in the fifteenth century: Jorge Manrique: Most importantly, poet Juan Manrique, born in 1440 and died in 1479.escribio 49 poems.metric: Jorge Manrique uses the broken foot couplet, stanza 6 verses grouped 2 by 2. topic: the transience of worldly things, the instability of fortune, the power of death. content: thoughts on life and death and the transience of worldly things. Topic 3: literutura medieval narrative poetry. bards: they were men who made their living touring villages to entertain people. in their performances, the chanson de geste, also included acrobatics, games and so on. all works (mester minstrel). most characteristic features "are copyright issues anonimo.-heroic type, its pbras belong to the metric is epica.-irregular.-employment is often typical formulations of oral expression.

the most important work is the Song of Mio Cid: Cid's singing: is preserved in a manuscript copied in 1307 by per Abbatt and consists of 3730 verses. unknown author's name. the metric the poem is irregular. the poem singing the Azan of days rudrigo warren. is divided into three parts and songs - song of exile: the cid is banished by Alfonso VI of Castile. after crossing towns. separates from his wife and daughters with the promise to return to fetch them. targets Muslim land where it gets its 1-sing s military successes of the wedding: El Cid conquered Valencia and offers it to the king, the onus of allowing the CASM cid s with 2 daughters of noble Castilian-sing the reproach of corp:Carrion infants decide to return to Castilla, by the way mistreat and abandon their wives. cid takes revenge on them and returns to marry their daughters with the Infantes of Navarre and Aragon.

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