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Metamorphism: solid state changes to rocks in earth interior. Produced by increased heat, pressure or action of hot, reactive fluids.

Temperature: all minerals stable over finite temperature range. - in range exceeded, new minerals result.

Pressure: confining pressure applied equally in all directions. - high pressure minerals more compact/ more dense.

Tectonic forces: often lead to forces that are not equal in all directions. - shearing causes flattening perpendicular to stress.

Fluids: rising temperature causes water to be released from unstable minerals.

Time: longer times allow newly stable minerals to grow larger and increase foliation.

Rock texture: foliated name in type of foliation- nonfolieded named on composition.

Contact metamorphism: high temperature is dominant factor, and produces nonfolieded rocks.

Regional metamorphism: high pressure is dominant factor and results in rocks with foliases textures

Partial melting: during metamorphism produces migmaties.

Shock metamorphism: produced by rapid application of extreme pressure.

Hydrothermal process: rocks precipitated from or altered by hot water.

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