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I'm going to talk about my favourite place(gran canaria).If I had travelled more, maybe great Canary it wouldn´t be my favorite place.but I think that it is a mistake to travel to foreign countries without before having seen the nearby places.
gran canaria it´s an island of the Canary islands, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean near Africa and on the equator.It is the island most filled with his province
the people is great here. You can go to a lot of places where you can have fun : for example , you can go to the infinite beaches of the island, or his mount to see vegetation
in te south of the island you can also enjoy the sun all the year and it will be able to see there many people of different countries because it is a tourist destination.
There you will be able to see the beach of maspalomas and his famous dunes, an ideal place for the relaxation and the amusement
I invite anyone to which it comes to this wonderful island, he will receive a great welcome

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