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0 45 Grove Street/Sheffield/S6 7LP//25th April//The Manager/Mobiles-ToGo/123 Long Street/London NW 8ED//Dear Sir / Madam,//On 2nd April I ordered a mobile phone (a Flex400 at E49.99) on your website. My order was placed at 5.40pm, and I received a confirmation email. The money was taken from my account the following day.
Unfortunately the phone has not arrived. When I called your Customer Help Line, I was told that the phone was sent on 4th April. That is now three weeks ago, and I still haven't received it.
To resolve the situation, I would appreciate it if you could send a new phone or refund my money as quickly as possible. I look forward to your reply and a solution to this problem.
Yours faithfully,
Tom Sherwood

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