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9 Animal Phyla- Porifera, sessile but motile sperm, some specialized cells but no tissues, endoderm and mesoderm only,asymmetrical,EX Sponges, (filter bacteria and other contaminants from water, forms coral reefs). Cnideria, Aquatic, radial symmetry, contain true tissues (nerve,muscle,digestive), and nematocysts (stinging cells), EX Hydra, jellyfish, (food source and production for animals). Platyhelminthes, known as flatworms, primitive animals that have bilateral symmetry and a brain, have organs for digestive and excretion but only 1 opening, EX Tapeworms, (some are parasites and cause diseases). Nematoda, worms are rounded, many are parasites, tubular bodies, tapered at both ends, digestive system is a tube, mouth and anus, reproduce sexually. EX Hookwarm, Pinwarm, (Parasites). Mollusca, complete digestive tract, mantle tissue that cloaks the body, bilateral symmetry as larva but asymmetry as adult

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