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It was the winter of 2016 and mi cousin and me had reached the World Cup match. All my family decided to watch the match in a bar with some friends, there they had put up a gigant TV screen. Before we arrived, my mother painted red and yelllow my face. When the match would start the people was very nervous. // As soon as the players came out, the public started cheering. The match started well, but suddendly thing began to go wrong. The rival team played dirty. After a time, the referee blew his whistle. After they had played 90 minutes, the score was tied,so they need a extra time. In the breake, my friend was to the toilet, and while he was here, the players was sad and tired. Suddenly, with seven minutes to finish, Pablo scored. The crowd started to shout and cry.// We went home very happy. If we hadn't scored, we would have lost the match. But we are world champions.

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