JHH-7 doubling time

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3. 1.Out 2.Up 3.To 4.Off 5.To 

4. 1.Competitive 2.Rescued 3.Furry 4.Handler 5.Ruled
5. 1.Proud 2.Thoughful 3.Independence 4.Sensible 5.Vain
6. 1.I'm so sorry about dropping your phone
2.Never mind it isn't broken
3.It won't happen again
4. That's all right 
5. I will remember to be more careful next time.
7. 1.doesn't study / won't pass
2.Buys / will be
3.Get / will go
4. Will happen /presses
5. Will lose / doesn't try
8. 1. If I lived near the sea I would sunbathe
2. Peter would play games If he had more free time
3. If I were you I wouldn't buy that
4. What would you do If you won the lottery?
5. I would get that smartphone if I had enough money.
9. 1. Won't take off
2. Were
3. Will become
4. Would be
5. Picked on

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