Jimenez and Valle-Inclan

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Juan Ramon Jimenez life: born in Huelva, i is from children will or a person i mui sensible given to melancholy. The death of his father, his loneliness, and her love of painting, marked his literary production. He married Zenobia comprubi cn i poet was exiled to Puerto Rico dnd teaches at the university. K acen its excessive sensitivity suffers several depressions, not recover from the loss of his wife. Win the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1956. Work: dedicate his life to poetry. Criticism divides his book into three parts: Modernist, sensitive stage, heavily influenced by becker x, musicality i color. / / Stage of consolidation: i is passionate men you more analytical, begins buskeda of poetry, k reflects essentially a poet's diary recently married. / / Stage enough: his writing develops plenamnte cmo total way of thinking I express the world. Expresses its religious experiences god i cn melts. It is characteristic of synaesthesia, careful language, i free verse.Inclan Ramon Valley: life was a writer of strong reputation cn extravagant personality, physical appearance both x cmo x sharpness. From Galicia. Study law i participated in the paiis journalistic life. Emigrated to America where he cultivated his mind harshest critics. His opposition to Primo de Riviera ladictadura took him to jail. Theatrical up efforts to root of your marriage cn josefina Blanco. Valle lived the bohemian literary muxa ambre i step i need. His critical spirit led him to be immersed in different fights. He died in 1936, k y ear in the civil war begins españ wave. Work: in the valley work podems differentiate 2 stages: 1st stage: the author evades reality i buska ideal beauty, is thus a modernist writer in his second stage esteticista.2 side: the author is faced with a reality k does not like, i for it deforms better show. Thus is born the hollow. (is the systematic deformation of reality, The characters are grotesques, the shares are rough language deforms i cn i alcaismos local. K's work reflects this technique is best Luces de bohemia.) Theater (Valley inclan extensive cultivation prose work cmo sonatas, the arena iberian, or Tyrant flag, in use color k i k Akello collecting all x's senses, but was above all a man of theater. Luces de bohemia, comedies barbaric or gift whopping horns are part of his famous play. His conception of theater is the art dl total contrast to his compatriots eros. In light of bohemian protagonist Max star criticizes society of the time drawing on the streets of madriz).

Antonio Machado: Parents bourgeois. He studied at an institution of free education. L Gets batxillerat 1900. With her sister go to work in Paris, in an editorial. When he returns to Spain publishessolitudes (40 poems). theme for yourself. Published 4 years DSPU d solitudes modernist galeríasyotrospoemas is moderate. 1907 prepares professional xa French opposition. cnsigue soria plaza where he met Eleanor (14 years) and they marry. 1911 give a scholarship and went to Paris to take courses in philology i filosofia. his sick and dying from tuberculosis in 1912 (Soria). Public golf castilla depression. Try again but sent him to madrid andalucia. Get a degree in philosophy and philosophical writer does. from 1912 to 1932 she in Segovia. meets Pilar de Valderrama, with whom he maintains relationship to war.New Songs (1924) from a songbook apófrico (1926). In 1927 prepares to enter his address to the SAR from 34 cooperates with the press in the Journal of madri and the sun. 32 trabjaa in an institute d madrid. Brother Franco x obligation. He republican. move with his mother in valencia, ma and traverse portbou border. His mother dies and 3 days after it. Writers of the century:
In the late nineteenth century, the influx of Hispanic American modernism, led to a literature writers españolesen more intimate. Start production a number of writers and intellectuals who turned in their texts and philosophical concerns his reflections on the reality of the country.
The most prominent writers are: Machado, Miguel de Unamuno, Baroja, Azorin Y M º del Valle-Inclan
-Spain: in the last decades of the nineteenth century Spain was undergoing a profound political and social crisis, which culminated with the loss of the colonies (Cuba Puerto Rico and Philippines). React to this and reflected in his writings on the causes of decline. Later the Spanish idealized landscapes and reflected positively d castilla, history and classical literary and artistic works.
-Existence: sore poured in their texts and personal reflections on the dewstino of man and the meaning of life. Death over time religion and the meaning of life were the themes. For plasma, was an expression neesario an employee states: not looking for the ornament, but opted for the simplicity and rigor.

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