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On 4th July 2015, my friend and y were in a park when suddenly the wind surprised us.

We were going to a party at Voladero disco and the wind broke a big branch and some bottles. The local police in Villahermosa went to analyse the damages. However, my friends and I went to our houses with some dust in our clothes but later my friend Rosa and I went to the pub on the square and after a while more people began to come. People were a little scared but as the time passed people reassured.

In conclusion, the party ended at the same time that the storm finished.


Hi Anna

It's been a long time without seeing or talking to you I hope you are doing well in torrejón de ardoz.

I really want to see you now.I find it strange to be more than two days without seeing each other as we see every day. I hope your family is well.

My mother told me you called me yesterday but I was at the dentist´s with my father and now I´m not in town! You can't call because these is no coverage.

Next time you come,bring some people with you because I get bored a lot.


Now a lot of people prefer to download music from the internet because it's totally free. They should ban it although many people are angry because now almost everyone has internet at home.

In my opinion, They should not prohibit to do it as I usually do it. I listen to many songs on the internet instead of buying the album, which is much more expensive.

But thinking a little on the singers it should be banned, so they would earn much more money than they earn.    


Palm trees in the snow is a Spanish film directed by Fernando Gonzalez Molina.It was released on December 25, 2015 coinciding with the feast of christmas.

It is 1953, kilian leaves the climb to a mountain with his brother to take a trip to Fernando poa, a farme Spanish colony in equatorial Guinea. There his father awaits in the Sampaka, where he grows one of the best cocoas in the word. In the colony he will discover that social life is more pleasant that in the consented and grey Spain. He lives the contracts between settlers and notices and knows the meaning of friendship, passion, love and hate.

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