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1.He stayed in the british army for the war of south africa

2. Because he found out shut scudder had funed his own death and that the German Spies wanted to kill the Greek leader
3. He faked his own suicide using the body of a homless man who was lie him, and for making it more believable, he had written a suicide note and he shot in the face at that man to make it look a true suicide
4.Scudder said the only man who could stop the war was the Greek leaer, Karolides, and that's why the Black Stone wanted to kill him
5.Because he thought the police would blane him far Scudder's munder
7.Sccuder had been killed with a long knife trough his heart in Richard Hannay's flat, the Black stone had discovered ho,.
8. The German Spies that wanted to kill him and the police that blaned him for Scudder's murder.
9. Scudder's left the little back book into Hannay's to baccio jar
10.He paid the milkman one pon for this clothes, so he got disguised and escaped from his own flat looking like that other person.
11.He put dynamite and broke the wal
12,Hannay discovered that the first lord was an impostor and a spy from the Black Stone because he noticed come recognised in his eyes and he also phoned at the First Lord's house to venfly that he was feeling sick.
14.Because he notice hat in Scudder's notebook "thirty nine steps" was very important.
15.Because in Scudder's notebook said something about the tide 10.17 so he wanted to discover the place in the east-coast in England when the tide was like that mentioned

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