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1.After he had eaten three bowls of porridge (and rum), he got drunk. Because of that, he sold his wife. He had the idea of selling his wife because he saw a man who wanted to sell their cows.

2.Susan Henchard came back to Widon Paris 20 years later because his husbans had disappeared (and she thougt that he was dead).Then, she wantedthe best life for his dauhter Elisabeth. He thought that Michael could help her daughter.
3.Susan discovered where Michael lived. He went to the canty feir where MIchael had sold her in the past. She talked with the toothless woman and she explained Susan the tows where Michael went to. Then Susan and his daughter went to this town. There Susan saw the mayor in the main square. He was giving a speen to the people. She confirmed thet the mayor was Michel.
4.Mr Newton never returned from a sea voyage, so they believed he had drowned, but he hadn't.
5.The plan that Michael proposed to Susan was that they got married, but not in that moment. Michael wanted to preserve his reputation. He didn't want that his past as drunk was reveled. His plan was that they had a relationship during several months and when the relationship was consolidated, then they got married.
6.Donals and Michael argued because of work, love and envy. Firstly, Michael argue with Donald because he couldn't stand that Donald was better boss than him. The farm had more benefits and the workers was happier with Donald. Secondly, Michael argued with Donald because of love. Michael hated Donald for his relationship with Lucetta. Finally, Michael also was anvious of Donald when he became mayor and got a reputation.
7. Elisabeh-Jane felt abandoned by her father when Michael discovered that he wasn't his rel father. He discovered it die to a letter written by Elisabeth mother.
8.The toothless woman (that gave MIchael the porridge at the begining of the story)recognised him and told everybody at the cant that MIchael was a drunk and he abandoned his wife and dauhter in the past
9. He lost his social position (as a mayor), his money and the people's respect
10. Michael drank a lot and he got drunk. He took with him love letters in his pocket. The letters into the floor. The people of the town got the letters and everybody discovered his love story.

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