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My favourite city in Spain is Albacete. It is a small town, in the south east of Spain. Albacete is a small town, but very welcoming. It is very dry, in summer because the weather is really hot, but in winter, Albacete is very humid and rainy. The people in Albacete are very friendly and you can make friends anywhere. In this way, you can do many different things.

Not only, can you visit the citys, its museums, its shops... But you can go to the cinema in the citycenter. In the summer, you can't go to the beach, because in Albacete there aren't any beaches, but you can swim in the swimmingpool. At night you can got out to restaurants too. There is both famous oil company and well-known knives trade in Albacete. Its food is delicious, there are many traditional Albacete dishes, for example "gachas" and "potaje".
To sum up, I really believe that Albacete is a amazing place so if yoy decide to go there, you won't be dissapointed at all!

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