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I am an engineer in a telecom company....My job is to repair transmision lines when the Internet goes down......Every day I have to make many km with the car because I have to go where it is broken.....Everyone remember me when the Internet is down....The work that I like best is Mountain guide....Because I like climbing, skiing, mountain biking....And i love being out in nature and the outdoors...When I'm on the mountain I'm happy.....The job I hate the most is waiter ...Because when was young i worked many years as a waiter and worked all holidays and weekends.     Yesterday I went a beach restaurant.... In Spain it know as chiringuito....Is the best restaurant that I have ever been....It has the bigger dishes that I have ever seen....It is as small as an little office but I ate well so I do not care....It has a big window front you can see the sea but It was as dirty as the window of my car.....The price of menu is less expensive than other restaurant in the city....But it has the worst bathroom that I known....It was as small as a phone booth and it wasn't very clean

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