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The Problems of unemployment among young people in Spain.

According to some surveys, unemployment is One of the most important issues with which young people are faced in Spain Nowadays, since many of them find no job after their studies and have to look For one abroad. But is young Spaniards situation as hard as we think?

As far As I am concerned, finding a job that matches your level of studies is a pie in The sky, since the reality shows that most university students work in jobs for Which they are overqualified. We can find more that one out of four placed in a Position that took advantage of their training. For example young people Working in jobs that require them less capacity than the preparation that they Have.

Moreover, this implies the frustration of Young people, even though we finished studying and have a good vocational education, seeking the continuity of their education beyond program, to this Compete with other candidates a job or is establisheda brain drain abroad Spaniards and low Spanish productivity.

In conclusion, I feel hopeful that this Situation will eventually change.

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