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1)2hrs 2)4hrsto  3.Dockman 4.Fleet delay should be started at the desired to docktime and stopped when the barge is spotted 5. Dow starts pating for t/m then he startt work stop when barge is released t/m has 1.5hrsto start or finish transfer with hose off 6.. The shipment info in maps 7..  barge is in place so we can begin work sampling or due to fog 8.. Save time and money 9..Notice of readiness, date and time barge is dock ready 10. Whenever info is entered into maps but requied just prior to trip ending 11..Performing a audit indentify any errors in times or dates that may require a delay 12.. Reject barge until dock ready 13.. Entered in active Nor 14.. No a vessel maintance delay 15.. Tendertime and barge arrived are the same 16..When barge arrive at dow it begins fleeting, fleeting time should be agreeded on the tech and captain

17..Should be recorded in dock delay, start delay and barge rejected id is the same tiimes, stop delay and barge released is the same time 18.. Time when t/m and tech aggree on hose on and if nitrogen hose is hooked up its considered hose on. 19.. Stop when barge is released 20.. When boat picks up barge 21.. Fog fleet boats workload presampling 22.. When NoR the time start and when completely fiinshed and relased back to the fleet 23...Time when barge is fully moored and the time vessel is complete unless we need the space until the boat come and get the barge 24.. Time startes on barge arrival and stops when barge is relaesed 25..Clock starts at NOR 26...Demurrage is start time to barge released time 24hrs to transferbefore start paying demurrage, if barge is relased before time its a negative but if past the time it is a postive.. At the end of the monthif minus is lager then no paying if postive is higher then we pay..27.. When t/m is canceled due to dow, t/m canceled should be checked 28.. CEFDBA

1..F not 2..F declaration of inspection 3..F breathing quility air 4.. T 5..T 6..F monogoggles and hearing protection gloves7...T/m pic on dock and surveyor  8.. Two 9.. Glycol 10..Shelter in place 11gate 7a 12.. Hardhat safety glasses with side sheilds and gloves 13.. Shift 14...Materials of trade 15.. Maintain constant communication with tech and t/m 16..Verify last content and follow marine cargo hose identiication list to find out how to clean hose if last contanits are not compadible 17.. Walk the pipe line for leaks , monitor the processs for potential hazards 18..  evacution of vistors in area ,,, report to shift people focal point, account for every person in the area19..Turn on the alarm, esd the docks, trip the deluge, notify crisis response leader 20...Minimize or stop spill, esd the docks

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