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1.Sources: Goverments statics, trade association and published reports 2.Used to explore: : new georaphical regions, new segments of the market and completily new oportunities 
2.VOCis MR that focuses on customer (The voice of the customer). VOC can take many forms as surveys giving feedback on specific issues or through to tackers that provide regular feedback from planned studies.Customer satisfaction programmes are among the most common types of VOC surveys. The reason for conducting customer feedback programmes can be seen in the graphic that she the link between loyalty and satisfaction.-Zone of indifference: Customers who think a company or its products are acceptable (not special) & who give satisfaction scores in the range of 7/8 – out of 10 are vulnerable & could take their business elsewhere.-Zone of defection: Quite clearly if customers have had a bad experience & give a low customer-satisfaction score, they are certain candidates for defection to a new supplier if & when the opportunity arises.

1.The purpose of brand research is to:-Identify brand perceptions, performance & uniqueness;-position brands competitively;  -measure the effectiveness of brands  -measure the effect of brand promotions in-attracting customers   -test brand positions & promises;   -track brands over time.

2.Brand ticking programmes

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