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1. Key market observation
‐ (WHY?) What ONE problem/need (only 1) can the Brand SOLVE/SATISFY to the market that will help the

creative agency understand the business? • Just provide the basics.

2. Source of business (€)

‐ Where, SPECIFICALLY, is the business expected to come from? (Why would they pay money for it)

  • NO general descriptions, ONLY specific sources.

  • e.G., people unhappy with the “X” restrictions on their current brand.

3. Consumer barrier/insight

‐ What ONE thing is known about the potential TA that may help reach them or may need to be Overcome?

• What do they ALREADY know, think, or feel about the Brand (or product category) ? • How do they distinguish between different brands ?

4. Target market
‐ What is the most CLEAR DESCRIPTION that can be offered of potential Target Audience ?

• It is important to provide enough information so the agency can imagen whom they are Addressing to.

• Description must go further than a simple listing of demographics or lifestyle characteristics. 5. Communication objectives & tasks

  • ‐  What Communication Tasks are to be accomplished? => From IMC PLANNING WORKSHEET

  • ‐  What is the main specific Communications Objective for this creative?

• Designate the Primary Objective (category need, brand awareness, brand attitude, purchase Intention)

6. Brand attitude strategy
‐ How do consumers take decisions in their brain?

• Is the decision high or low involvement? Informational or transformational?

7. Benefit claim and support
‐ What is the primary consumer benefit and why?

• Identify the benefit claim that is most strongly associated with the need/motivation, and provide The evidence that supports this choice.

• E.G. If consumer motivation is upon incomplete satisfaction, point out comparative advantages & How they should be presented.

8. Desired consumer response
‐ What is it that the TA should know, think, feel, or do as a result of this communication?

• This should be a brief summary of what is expected to happen. Target Audience reaction.

9. Creative guidelines
‐ What TACTICS are appropriate for the type of Brand awareness involved, and for the strategic Rossiter‐

Percy grid quadrant chosen?

10. Requirements/mandatory content

‐ What requirements, either creatively, legally, or corporately, must be included? • E.G. Logo treatment, legal advice... 

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