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1. She is so funny! She always makes me laugh.

2. Sarah and Ed are such crazy people! I never know what they are going to do next.

3. James has so much money that he could actually buy that Ferrari.

4. Although most of the audience had never been exposed to such music, they thoroughly enjoyed the performance of 
the Tibetan folk choir.

5. The movie was so good that I saw it five times.

6. Terry speaks English so fluently that I thought he was American.

7. Most students never discuss such topics in class, but I think it is important to teach our children to question the media.

8. Jerry had never seen such high mountains. He thought they were spectacular.

9. Fred is such a clown! He is always telling jokes and making people laugh.

10. There was so little interest in his talk on macroeconomics that the room was half empty by the time he stopped speaking.

11. How could you say such horrible things to me?

12. He is such a jerk! He hasn't said one nice thing since he started working here.

13. That new song is so cool that it hit the top ten within a week of being released.

14. Martha is such a good cook that she is writing her own book of family recipes.

15. I don't know if that is such a good idea. Maybe we should try something else.

16. She has so many hats that she needs two closets to store them all.

17. That takes so little time and effort that you might as well do it yourself.

18. I had to pay $140 for books for my new Spanish class. I don't know why my professor has to choose such expensive books for her course.

19. Please, don't drive so fast! I'm terrified we're going to have an accident.

20. I really wish you wouldn't smoke so much! It's destroying your health.

Your sister has such beautiful hair. 
They had never eaten such exotic food before. 
Hal was speaking so quickly that no one could understand him. 
Ned has so much money, he doesn't know what to do with it. 
It was such a hot day that I spent most of it in the pool. 
It was so hot, I spent most of the day in the pool. 
You are such a genius! How did you solve that problem?
I am so mad right now. My boyfriend lied to me. He is such a jerk! 
How can there be such problems in the world
There are so many problems in this world. Will there ever be peace? 

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