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Novel tradition: the nineteenth century, end-> 1936 Civil War.


Top-romantic, sensitive ikuspehi habits, risk of loss or change in habits like to mention. Idealize farm life and the people of the sea-.-Catholic religious weight. Promote awareness of Basque-writers.

Txomin Aguirre: Ondarroa (1864-1920), priest, member of the Basque. Play on words is very skilled. Three Works: Auñamendiak Flower (1898), mises (1906), Garoa (1912). Mises: Fishing set in the world, Arranondo habits and ways of life are separate accounts of love: love dabiltzate Mañaxi and Angel and Jose Antonio is Indian. Bizkaieraz. Garoa: Base environment: Zabaleta John (the owner of the farmhouse). Eskonduko the village is the oldest child, second and third atzerrira.Ezaugarriak neighborhood: the language measure. Masterful use of literary resources. Interviews become exemplary.

Post-war novel: It is a difficult time, as a result of the war: First issued abroad. Some may think that the authors did not follow them literature.

Modern novel: the Basque newspaper narratives Txillardegik Leturia modern era began with the coat of arms.

-Subjectivity: visions of the world itself.

-Fragmentation: the retention of the world itself.

-Irony: Critics way.

Thoughtful: accept open criticism.

Now the writer. University studies, from a young age, urban atmosphere, knowledge of European literature, euskadun new, heterodox cultural tastes, a clear commitment to the Basque language, Basque literature modernized.

three stages

1 (1957-1969)

TXILLARDEGI-(1929-x) I Engineer linguist, writer, journalist for the year was ta. Leturia hidden log: path between the abrasive, the Basque novels. First person is full of self doubt. Joxeba the love between Mary and told the newspaper. Most occurred in Paris, both married, I look the other died the death of her head. Part 4: autumn, winter, summer town.

Jon Mirande: Paris (1925-1972) a great polyglot anti-Semitic, fascist, and antiklerikala and antifrankista, killed himself.

Besoetakoa children: daughter's relationship with the protagonist and 11urteko pederaasta, as hetedoroxoa eskandaloso issues.

2 (1969-1976)

Ramon Leandro (1944): Economic sociological ikasketak.Donostian I live. Books: Every day is spend (1969) One hundred meters (1976) My Jesus (1976) Step Eleven (1995) Two Heart (1996) the tradition of Kandinsky (2003)

3 (1976 ...) the main Aesthetics: Fantastic Stories. Stories realistic. Reality telling dirty.

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