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What is the virtue of truthfulness? The truth is that the v i rtud inclined to say the truth and
manifest outwardly as is interionnente.
What is lying? "Lying is the opposite of what we think, with intent to deceive r.
What is mental restriction? Mental restriction is to give words a meaning different from that
usually have to hide the truth from a person not entitled to know that truth.
What is rash suspicion? Suspicion is foolhardy to think ill of another without sufficient mot i ve
or its basis.
What is reckless trial? Foolhardy is misjudge Trial neighbor without foundation or reason
What is gossip? Muttering is talking about the real faults and defects or known l
neighbor j without causing usta.

What is slander? Slander is attributed to others or defective ts sins he has not.
What is perjury? F tes ti als or mon i is to declare in court or anything against the truth.
What are obliged those who have hurt others in their fame and honor? Those who have
neighbor injured in his reputation and honor are required to repair, if possible, the damage caused.

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