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The intent of the newspaper is to report and comment. These arrangements are called journalistic genres.

We can classify the journalistic text in: news, opinion and mixed.

1-Categories of information:

Its purpose is to convey information in an objective and truthful representation function predominates. The topics are new, topical and social interest. Features:

-Language worship: worship language is used and understood by any reader. Depending on the subject, sometimes using a specific lexicon.

Text-Details: dominate the narrative and description to present the facts and dialogue in texts in which the conversation between several partners.

"Objectivity is manifested by a speech and language impersonal gift

The subgenera news information are:

-News: presented objectively and clearly recent events and general interest.

It has a structure consisting of owner input and body.

-Interview: reports on the opinions of a character in the public interest.

Play in direct conversation between the interviewer and interviewee.

-Feature: provides objective information about a topic of interest more broadly than the news.

The text is accompanied by photographs and graphics that complement the subject and can take a personal style and almost literary.

2-opinion Genres:

The sender interprets current events through some value judgments. Appellate functions predominate and expressive. Can the poetic function.

The features are:

-Subjectivity: language is connotative

-Details textual: the sender uses the combined exposure to the argument to defend their ideas.

-Personalization: the text is signed by an author who is responsible.

The subject, style and structure depend on the author.

"The newspaper opinion subgenera are classified as:

"Editorial: present the opinion of the publisher on a topic.

There is signed

-Review: is an assessment on a cultural theme performed by a specialist.

-Article: collects the opinion of a journalist or an expert on a current topic.

"Letters to the reader: the reader says, says, approves or withdrawal a topical issue.

3-mixed Genres:

The issuer of the text combines journalistic information with its own assessment of the facts.

The most representative is the chronicle. Is an account of various subjects between the news and reportage, the journalist with a connotative language, reports an event, according to its linear development in time.

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