Journey to the Center of the Earth

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Axel Lindenbrock describes his uncle Professor of mineralogy, a man feared for his strong character but very original. The teacher calls his nephew Axel to his office. There he teaches a valuable manuscript. Inside are a scroll of runic origin. The professor tries to decipher it and says that nobody will eat up to decrypt it. Axel is the one who manages to discover the key to scroll. Arne Saknussemm, an alchemist, tells how to reach the center of the earth. Professor euphoric decides to go to the right place on the parchment together with his nephew Axel.Este refuses because he thinks that is an impossible undertaking as the temperature increases 1 ° for every 70 feet deep beneath the earth's surface. But Professor decides that they should go.

Axel is stunning considering traveling with his uncle at the center of the Earth. He is afraid and does not want to go but has no alternative and out towards the point indicated on the parchment, Iceland. They travel by coach, train and ship and get to Reykjavik, a city close to Snæfellsjökull, volcano for which will be introduced to reach the heart of the earth.

Hans hire a guide to accompany him along his odyssey. Equipped with food, tools, weapons, tools and a kit start traveling to the volcano. Axel and his uncle traveled on horseback, preceded the guide foot. Axel's biggest concern was knowing what would happen if the volcano awoke while they were inside it. They began the assault on difficult roads Sneffels. The march was arduous but finally reached the top of Snæfellsjökull.

They started falling within the cone of the volcano. In the crater were three chimneys. Following the instructions left by the alchemist in the parchment, they knew which of the three chimneys was in the shade during peak Scartaris petting Kalends of June which led to the center of the earth. Using a rope and went sliding down 2800 feet in eleven hours. He improvised a bed to rest and recuperate.

The next morning continued sinking into the bowels of the earth by dropping down steep slopes, formed by lava that covered dry inside the crater. After falling for seven straight hours, they decided to take a break until six the next morning. Decreased six hours and reached the bottom of the chimney where two roads met. Professor Lidenbrock decided to take the East and that turned out to be wrong since the third day were left without water and had to go back to the West.

They hoped to find a spring and well water to survive but take not heard even a murmur of water. Hans, the guide who accompanied them gave a stream under rocks. Drilled stone with the tools they had and they got water but at 100 º of temperature and left to cool and thereby quench their thirst and filled their pumpkins.

The next morning on their way, falling and getting closer to the center of the earth. Axel gets lost from his uncle and Hans and lost in a maze to 30 leagues of the crust. In desperation she ran aimlessly bumping against the rocks. Through a providential fall was lifeless and bloodied on the arms of his uncle. When he regained consciousness, he found himself beside a sea, in a cave were able to contain the amount of water in an ocean. Nearby was a forest of fungi and animal skeletons found.

They built a raft and sailed and thus began a journey in order to achieve new outlets on the opposite banks. The voyage becomes longer than they thought. During the voyage they encountered huge sea monsters but fortunately the animals were fighting each other and were unaware of the presence of the raft.

Axel and his two companions continued their journey with their monotonous uniformity. They passed an island where there was a geyser of boiling water at a temperature of 163 º.

They went their way and they threaten the storm, the wind blowing at a speed incalculable, lightning did not stop, the heat increased. Suddenly they saw a disc of fire walk through space at the speed of a hurricane and they tore the sail to the mast and three friends were swept rapidly until the raft hit the coast reefs.

Axel and his uncle escaped death thanks to the guide, Hans, who ripped them from the abyss lying on the sand of the beach.

They managed to rescue the gunpowder, the compass, pressure gauge and food for four months.

With the help of the compass, found their situation and saw that during the storm had receded instead of advancing.

Furious, the professor Lidenbrock. And defying every danger said they would return to the raft to move on. Before wanted to inspect the place where they had wounded adrift.

They found a human skeleton of the quaternary period and then a graveyard of fossilized bodies.

Continued to explore the ground and away from the seashore reaching a forest vegetation of the tertiary period with palms, pines, cypress trees and ferns. Beneath these trees were shaken in a giant animals and a human being with a head the size of a buffalo keeping this innumerable herd. It seemed impossible, and thought it might be a vision but fled at high speed toward the sea where they had left the raft. In their flight they found a dagger that had belonged to Arne Saknussemm, the alchemist who 300 years ago had made the same journey to the center of the Earth.

According to Axel's uncle, to reach the center of the globe, still had to get 1500 miles. To follow the journey should take a gallery but a huge rock blocking the entrance and not allowed to enter anywhere. They chose to break the rock with gunpowder they had. They prepared everything, ignited and took refuge in the raft he was on the beach.

There was a bang, the explosion had created a kind of earthquake and the sea drew a raft in the fall. The three explorers were considered lost. They realized they were growing, were in a narrow well and the water level rose, recovering his top speed was violent and they took the breath, the heat became unbearable.

The walls were moving, the vapors are condensed ... were symptoms of a rash. They were inside the chimney of an active volcano, were involved in a rash. Suddenly, a rotating movement seized the raft, rocking on the waves of lava in the middle of a rain of ashes and flew out the hole in the burning crater.

When Axel opened his eyes, which were found outdoors, on the surface of the earth.

They were on Stromboli in the Mediterranean. They had entered by a volcano and out the other, Etna, located over 1,200 miles of each other.

Axel and his uncle returned home. The news of his journey to the center of the Earth had spread everywhere but no one believed such an adventure. However, the presence of Hans and several reports coming from Iceland changed public opinion.

Professor Axel Lindenbrock and became famous men and Hans returned to his homeland of Iceland.


Main characters:

Axel: He is the nephew of Professor Lindenbrock, Grauben boyfriend, the goddaughter of Linderbock teacher, and the narrator in the play.

Professor Linderbrock is Professor of Mineralogy, Axel's uncle, godfather and organizer Grauben journey to the center of the earth.

Hans: Icelandic guide for the Contractual Lidenbrock journey to the center of the earth.

Supporting Characters:

Grauben: Girlfriend, then wife of Axel, Lidenbrock goddaughter.

Martha: Maid of Axel and Professor Linderbrock

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