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Is the development of physical qualities through exercise, for an overall healthy.
The qualities or physical capabilities of human beings are the resistance, strength, flexibility and speed. All of them are interrelated, and their development leads to better physical conditioning integral.
Exercise makes movements that make up a repeatedly activated the cardiovascular, neuromuscular, skeletal, etc., obtaining the improvement of these, in varying proportions, according to the work and intensity with which they are made.
Heating is the activation of the body through muscle-joint movements that aim to prepare the body to perform heavy workouts and avoid injury during training sessions
Circular shoulder
Circulars shoulder
Lateral Shoulder
Circulars waist
Stretch your legs apart
Stretch legs entwined
Resistance means the ability to perform work of a certain intensity for as long as possible, in other words, is the driving quality to withstand the fatigue of a long effort, and the ability to recover quickly from it.
It is the human physical quality that can be defined as man's ability to overcome external resistance or oppose it through muscular effort.
maximum extension capacity of a movement in a given joint

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