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sia is an international star, before she became an international star she didn´t hide her face but when she became famous with chandelier she starts to hide her face because she think that being famous was bad n´t only a singer she also writes songs for other singers like diamonds, to hide her face she usually uses a blond wig or a bag or she don´t look to the camera she din´t have any face problem

usain bolt,s nick name is lightning bolt because he is very fst so their compare with the light he hs scoliosis and also big legs, he isn´t strict with the diet. When he was 13 he didn´t want to go to school so he go to games arcade, he was often in trouble and had excess of energy his favourite activity is dominoes when she wants to be good omething he ussualy achieve it, he don´t like to clean and he likes cars he has several ferraris ... He is famous by obtain the world records of run 100 meters and 200 in the less time 

las vegas is famoust for his hotels casinos and the neon lights there are replicas of the statute of liberty empire state ... The excalibur is an hotel that looks like a castle and is conected to other casino, there is also a casino that has an eiffel tower arc de triumphe ... Mgm grand is the biggest  casino in las vegas that has more than 2000 gaming machines andmore than 170 poker tables and is famous lso by the lion outside

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