Juan ramon jimenz and mahcado antonio.

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2.1 Juan Ramón Jiménez
is considered to Juan Ramón Jiménez's largest renovator of Spanish poetry of the twentieth century as it facilitated the emergence of the avant-garde and the Generation of 27 to bring the work of Spain's most innovative foreign poets. Stages of his poetry. Traditionally, poetry has been divided into several stages, the author sums up in three: - Stage sensitive. Understands the beginning accompanied by Neoromantic in which there is a clear influence of Becquer, the themes of this first stage (loneliness, melancholy ... ) set out in symbolic form. Works: Arias sad and distant gardens. Later, receives the influence of Modernism. Use typically modernist traits like the color, bright and adjectives Alexandrine verses. Works: Solitude sound and Platero y yo. - Stage property. It begins with Diary of a newly married poet, written during his boat trip to New York after marrying Camprubí Zenobia. In this book, Juan Ramón leaves the characteristics of Modernism (vocabulary disappears brilliant, colorful adjectives and rhythms marked), the poet goes to the essential, eliminating the superfluous. Libre.Obras uses verse: Eternity and stone and sky. - Stage or true enough. It takes place during the exile and is embodied in two key books: On the other side and God desired deseante.En latter work, it reveals the Juan Ramon philosophical attitude, deep in a language reminiscent of the mystical poets of the Golden Age

4. Antonio Machado.
4.1 Step of poetic production of Antonio Machado.
We distinguish 4 stages in the production of poetry by Antonio Machado: - First stage: from 1899 to 1902, is the modernist period, it belongs to his work Solitudes .- Second stage: from 1903 to 1907, year of publication Solitudes, Galleries and other poems, the poet removed, although not quite the powerful influence of Modernism and first appears a glimpse of the Castilian landscape .- Third stage: from 1907 to 1912, is the Castilian poems period of concern for Spain, where it is produced in greater confluence with the authors of the Group of 98. At this stage belongs Campos de Castilla .- Fourth stage: it concerns loom philosophical and folk it's time for new songs.
4.2 The poetry of Antonio Machado.
Solitudes, can fit within Modernism. Some features of this work are: "The intimate tone." The presence of subjects such as irreparable anguish over time, death, sleep ... "The use of some symbols, like the road, the dreams and the source .
Solitudes, Galleries and Other Poems: Solitudes, Galleries and other poems, links to the earlier book but incorporates novedades.-Section <<Soledades>> twenty-nine poems published the first book, in which Machado has deleted the formal aspects of Modernism .- The poems included in<<Galerías>> Are short and characterized by its symbolism.
Campos de Castilla Campos de Castilla is a work in which the author comes closest to the concerns noventayochistas. Machado includes a series of eulogies dedicated to those men he admires landscape poems, narrative and existential concerns and religious concerns.

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